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On Location



A look at some frequently visited locales






Jonas Lamont's Mansion

Jonas Lamont commissioned the construction of this vast Hollywood Hills estate in the early 1900's.  It houses an intricate set of secret passageways that connect many different parts of the house.  


Alvarado Court

Nathan Blackthorne hangs his hat in this bungalow at this exclusive Westlake address.  





Lola's House in Bel Air

Her home from the time of her first marriage to Topper Beauchamp, Lola has lived here off and on for over twenty years.  It becomes more full when her oldest son, Troy, moves back from college.

Lamont 3 Studios

The home base of Jonas Lamont's Hollywood empire.  He started the compoany with his 2 brothers at the age of 18 and is now its President and CEO.  Situated on acres of prime Hollywood real estate, this complex of sound stages and studio lots attracts millions of visitors a year.  




Ladys' Miami Home

When not making the rounds in L.A.'s social scene, Ladys spends her time in her magazine inspired posh home in Miami.

Royce and Jacqueline's Park Ave Mansion

On the exclusive upper east side of Manhattan, Royce and Jacqueline call this historic old mansion their home with infant son David.




Richard Wells' House

This Brentwood home is where playboy businessman Richard Wells spends his evenings, and usually with the company of a girlfriend or two.


Madleen's House

Stately Hollywood Hills Home rented by the disco diva herself, Madleen Barnes.




Chateau Marmont

The place to be seen for many celebrities.  Situated on Sunset Boulevard, this posh hotel and its legendary gathering place, Bar Marmont, is rich with stories of old Hollywood.



The Dresden

Another staple since the heydey of MGM.  This lounge is the thinktank of many Hollywood deals, dreams and upsets.


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