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The Prequel to The Blackthornes...


Sexier, Steamier, and more Scandelous than its Predecessor

A scorching new series in the Blackthornes universe, Silver Shadows finds prolific film producer Jonas Lamont in the most perilous of situations when murderous attempts on his life become more and more alarming. But Jonas is connected, powerful, and just as ruthlessly dangerous as any enemy. And so the battle for control begins.  Silver Shadows digs deep into the glamorous, intoxicating yet ultimately treacherous world of 1970's New York and Hollywood; Miami and the Mediterranean, and anywhere else their jetset lives take them.



"Believe It"

Royce gets fearful of Jonas's threats. Joy does some investigative work to preserve her marriage.  Jackie has a breakdown.  Charles is not pleased with Ann's latest news.  Ladys reveals her secrets to Lola.  







Silver Shadows, the long-awaited prequel to the webseries The Blackthornes which ran for 160 episodes from 2005 to 2011, is now in production and updated regularly.  


Watch for special features coming soon, including background information on Lamont 3 Studios and Jonas Lamont's dastardly brothers. Also, check out the original site-within-a-site, Starlog.  A database of films, TV shows, actors and fun trivia awaits, all centering on the key players in both The Blackthornes and Silver Shadows.  


Want more Silver Shadows?  Check out my BLOG for information on the series and the opportunity to share your thoughts!

5/5/2019: At long last I'm happy to present the first episode in the prequel series to The Blackthornes.  Set in 1975, Silver Shadows follows the events stemming from an attack on the life of famed producer Jonas Lamont, and explodes from there.  Be sure to read the BLOG after each episode which talks about how the series came to be, decisions that went into its development, and lots of other fun info.  

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